Equip Gospel Ministries was set up in 2010 by a Moore College graduate (Andrew Cheah) in partnership with a group of four like-minded Christians who serve on the Equip Gospel Ministries Board. It is registered as a company in Malaysia under the name of Euangelion Training and Services Sdn Bhd. Equip is a partner in the Gospel Ministry Alliance, an alliance of ministries that seek to promote Gospel-centred Christianity in Malaysia.

Equip has the twin aims of increasing biblical literacy throughout the churches in Malaysia, and recruiting and training gospel workers to faithfully minister the gospel in Malaysian churches.

The mission of Equip is to prepare Christians for works of gospel-centred ministry, in partnership with local churches, through Biblical, theological and ministry skills training. 

Presently, Equip seeks to fulfil this mission through five key activities:


    • Certificate in Theology: Since its inception, Equip has used materials from the Moore Theological College (MTC) Distance Education courses to makes quality biblical and gospel-centred teaching available to Malaysian Christians at a reasonable price. The courses are renowned for their ability to help students engage with the Bible, theology and Church History and are available in multiple languages. Courses may be studied in classes in various local churches, or via self-study.
    • Degree Level Courses: Partnering with the Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS) and the Timothy Partnership (TP), Equip provides fully accredited degree level training for potential pastors and ministers. Courses are taught online through the Timothy Partnership or quality lecturers are flown in from overseas to teach the courses in intensives. Course presently available include Certificate in Theology, Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Christian Studies, Master of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity. Equip’s degree programs have the potential to play a vital role in raising up gospel-centred full-time ministers to serve the Malaysian churches.
    • Ministry Skills Courses: Equip offers ministry skills training courses in areas including evangelism, personal follow up, leading a Bible study, Biblical exposition, and Sunday School. As with Equip’s other courses, these are hosted by local churches for the local church.
    • Biblical Counselling Courses: Equip partners with the Christian Counselling Education Foundation to promote gospel-centred online Biblical Counselling courses. Courses are taught online using engaging video and audio resources presented by CCEF Faculty in our online classrooms, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Weekly assignments and readings together with an online student forum allow participants to have interactive online communities as they study. In addition, students have an instructor available online to grade papers and support them through the course.


Through all these ways, Equip seeks to identify and train leaders who can: 

  • Multiply the ministry in churches
  • Plant new Gospel-centred, churches and reform old ones
  • Spearhead the discipleship of the indigenous people of East Malaysia; and
  • Equip Malaysian Christians to reach the whole nation with the Gospel

As such, Equip seeks to establish a strong pathway for the identification and training of gospel-centred ministers locally in Malaysia.