Equip Gospel Ministries is a Reformed Evangelical theological training centre operating in one of the most strategic locations for theological education: Malaysia. It was set up in 2010 by a group of like-minded Malaysian Christians with the goal of growing gospel-centred ministry in Malaysia and beyond.

From its inception, Equip has had the twin aims of increasing biblical literacy throughout the churches, and recruiting and training gospel workers to faithfully minister the gospel.

The mission of Equip is to prepare Christians for works of gospel-centred ministry, in partnership with local churches, through Biblical, theological and ministry skills training. 

Equip hopes to inspire and equip a growing number of leaders to humbly and prayerfully serve God’s people and his world by through a commitment to faithfully teaching his word. Equip aims to develop leaders who exemplify the knowledge and love of God, as servant leaders, caring pastors and gifted teachers.

Through such leaders, we hope to have a gospel-impact through Malaysia:

  • Multiplying gospel-centred ministry in churches;
  • Planting new gospel-centred, churches and reforming old ones;
  • Spearheading the discipleship of the indigenous people of East Malaysia;
  • Equipping Malaysian Christians to reach the whole nation with the Gospel.

Equip seeks to fulfil this mission through six key activities:

    • Certificate in Theology: Since its inception, Equip has used materials from the Moore Theological College Distance Education course to makes quality biblical and gospel-centred teaching available to Malaysian Christians at a reasonable price. The courses are renowned for their ability to help students engage with the Bible, theology and Church History and are available in multiple languages. Courses may be studied in classes in various local churches, or via self-study. At present, courses are available in English, Chinese and Malay, with Tamil material currently In the work. The Equip-MBS Certificate in Theology is run in partnership with Malaysia Bible Seminary. During the period 2010 – 2018, we had 1,060 students with more than 3,000 enrolments in 300 Certificate subjects in Malaysia.
    • Degree Level Courses: Partnering with theMalaysia Bible Seminary (MBS) and the Timothy Partnership (TP), Equip provides accredited diploma & degree level training for potential pastors, ministers and church leaders. Courses presently available include the Diploma of Theology, Bachelor of Christian Studies, Master of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity. Equip’s degree courses are known for their academic rigour, biblical faithfulness, and pastoral practical application. The courses encourage learning in community, so that lifelong partnership may be formed during studies to support ongoing encouragement in gospel ministry.  Our goal is that by the end of their studies, students may be faithful and godly discipleships of Jesus Christ, thoroughly equipped with God’s word to lead and teach others. Such people would be persuaded of the authority of Scripture, committed to gospel proclamation, equipped for faithful Biblical exposition and living a godly life. Equip’s Degree programs have the potential to play a vital role in raising up gospel-centred full-time ministers to serve the Malaysian churches.
    • Biblical Counselling Courses: Equip partners with the Christian Counselling Education Foundation to promote gospel-centred online Biblical Counselling courses. Courses are taught online using engaging video and audio resources presented by CCEF Faculty in our online classrooms, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Weekly assignments and readings together with an online student forum allow participants to have interactive online communities as they study. In addition, students have an instructor available online to grade papers and support them through the course. During the period 2010 – 2018, 151 students completed more than 300 subjects.
    • Conferences & Seminars: Equip seeks to encourage all Christians to remain centred on the Gospel in their ministry, through it’s conferences and seminars. Equip partners with the Klang Valley Bible Conference (KVBC) Trust to organise the annual Klang Valley Pastors’ Seminar (KVPS) aimed at encouraging Pastors, elders, and other gospel workers in gospel-centred ministry. The Impact Conferences (USA, UK, AUS) prepare students heading overseas to see their time aboard as an opportunity to grow in the gospel & serve the gospel. Equip also regularly organises conferences in music ministry, Sunday School ministry, and Biblical counselling.
    • Gospel-Centred Resources: Equip seeks to support our students and their church through the provision of Gospel-Centred Resources. The Equip Online Bookshop has a wide selection of books, CDs and other training materials. The Equip Library contains a growing number of titles to save students from purchasing their own books. The Equip YouTube Channel provides video resources including sermons and seminars. The Equip blog brings together biblical reflection and practical application to address the issues of today.