Equip-MBS Bachelor of Theology (120 Credit Points)


The Equip-MBS Bachelor of Theology aim to deepen understanding of the Christian faith and equip students for leadership and ministry in the church. The courses prepare students for life-long ministry, solidly grounded in God’s Word. The courses are interdisciplinary and rigorous, combining biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and Christian ethics.

A flexible course pathway allows students to continue to remain in ministry at their local church while they grow in their theological capabilities. Bachelor courses require a short internship with a church or para-church organization to help further strengthen students’ experience and apply their theological knowledge to ministry. For those looking to go into employment in ministry, in church or other para-church organizations, the courses also prepare students for ordination in their denomination.


4 years full-time, part-time study is available (maximum 8 years)

Credit Points


Requires enrolling in Biblical Languages

No BUT recommended

Requires Thesis



On Campus (weekly classes, intensives, online)

Early Exit Points

Bachelor of Ministry


Two semesters per year (16 weeks each)


RM 500 per subject (RM 160 for 100 level Certificate Pool Subjects)


Total Cost

~ RM 24,000 (if completed in 4years)

For complete breakdown of fees, see https://new.equip.org.my/fees/ .


Students should allow at least 4 years of study to complete their program. Students who take longer than 6 years will be assessed an additional RM 1,000 fee for each semester of extension beyond the 6 year limit.



 A. Core – 60 Credit Points

  1. Certificate Pool Subjects (2 – 9 Credit Points)
    (1 credit point per subject) 

BB111 Bible Overview
BT121 Promise To Fulfilment

Up to an additional 7 credit points from 100 level certificate subjects


  1. Biblical Studies (12 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

OT201 Old Testament Foundations
OT202 Old Testament Prophets and Writings
NT201 Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition                                      
NT202 The Early New Testament Church


  1. Biblical Exegesis (9 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

Pick three from:
OT205 Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel
OT206 Pre-exilic Prophets
OT207 Exilic Prophets and Wisdom Literature
OT208 Psalms, Post-Exilic Literature
NT205 Luke & John (3 Credit Points)
NT206 Romans & 1 Corinthians (3 Credit Points)
NT207 Selected Letters of the Pauline Corpus and the Book of Revelation
NT208 Hebrews and Selected NT Letters
NT210 Luke & John (Greek Text) – Cannot be selected together with NT 205
NT211 Romans & 1 Corinthians (Greek Text) – Cannot be selected with NT206


  1. Christian History (6 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

CH201 The Church to 1550
CH202 The Church from 1550 to Modern Times


  1. Theology (12 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

TH210 Doctrine of God and Christ
TH211 The Holy Spirit, Grace, Hope
TH212 Christology
TH213 Ecclesiology and the Means of Grace


  1. Applied Theology (6 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

DM201 Foundations of Christian Education
BB203 Principles of Hermeneutics


  1. Additional Requirements (6 – 13 Credit Points)

Pick from:

Any CCEF200 level subject(s) NOT previously counted
Any subject offered by Equip NOT previously counted
Any subject offered by MBS NOT previously counted


B. Electives – 60 Credit Points


  1. Applied Theology (6-12 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject)

Pick from:
PC249A Guided Spiritual Formation (Spiritual Direction)
Any 200 level subjects in either EM, PC, DM NOT previously counted
Any 200 subjects in either Counselling, Preaching, MBS, STM NOT previously counted


  1. Biblical Studies (Minimum 6 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

Pick from:
Biblical Theology 4 or OT/NT Theology
One subject from NT200 level subjects NOT previously counted
Any 200 level Biblical Studies subjects NOT previously counted


  1. Languages (0-12 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject) 

Pick from:
LA001 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
LA002 Introduction to New Testament Greek
LA003A Biblical Hebrew A
LA003B Biblical Hebrew B
LA004A New Testament Greek A
LA004B New Testament Greek B
LA010 Intermediate Greek
LA011 Intermediate Hebrew


  1. Theology, Church History, and Society (3-12 Credit Points)
    (3 credit points per subject)

Pick from:
Issues in Theology
CH206 Reformation Church History
EM220 Malaysian Religions

Any other TH200 or CH200 level subject NOT previously counted


  1. Thesis (3-9 Credit Points)

 Pick from:
5000 words thesis (3 credit points)
10000 words thesis (6 credit points)
15000 words thesis (9 credit points)


  1. Open Subjects (6-13 Credit Points)

 Pick from:
Any CCEF200 level subject(s) NOT previously counted
Any subject offered by Equip NOT previously counted
Any subject offered by MBS NOT previously counted


Internship are either a 6 week full-time or 8 month part-time placement in a church/ministry approved by Equip and MBS. Students are trained and involved in some kind of ministry during this internship. Internships are compulsory but do not attract any credit. For link to form see www.new.equip.org.my/forms/

The Bachelor of Theology prepares students for ordination in many denominations. It is NOT NECESSARY for students to pursue ordination in order to complete  the Master of Divinity.

Credit Transfer
Any subjects completed under other Equip-MBS Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor Courses may be counted towards the Bachelor of Theology provided that the student obtains at least a Credit (for Certificate Pool Subjects) or pass (for Degree Pool Subjects and General Pool Subjects) for their final mark. 

Subjects from other theological institutions may also gain credit towards this course. Fill in the Credit Transfer Form available at www.new.equip.org.my/forms/ to apply.

Course Handbook
For more information about the degree requirements, including specific subjects, please see course handbook.


Before being accepted into this course, students will be required to complete an application form and attend an interview with Equip.  They may be required to attend another interview with MBS if so desired by MBS. More details about the application process are available at www.new.equip.org.my/mbs-application/