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Having good research tools is an excellent aid to the thorough study of God’s word. One of the best Bible Software Packages on the market is Logos Bible Software.


Logos Academic Base Package (Free)

As a theological institution, all Equip students, staff, and Faculty are eligible to download Logos Academic Base Package For Free. This includes many foundation bible, dictionaries and other sources to form the beginning of a theological library.

This free base package may be downloaded from: Please enter the College name as “Equip Gospel Ministries”. 

Academic Discount Program

All Equip students, staff and Faculty are also eligible to apply for Logos’ Academic Discount Program. This enables the following discounts on all Logos books and base package:

  • Students and Staff (20%)
  • Faculty (40%)

Students should enter the name of the College as “Equip Gospel Ministries

In order to apply for the Academic Discount program, you’ll need to submit your official acceptance letter:

  • Diploma and Degree students receive this letter automatically on successful acceptance to their course.
  • Certificate Students must request this letter from You must have completed at least one subject in the past 12 months.

We would highly recommend that all of our students make the most of this excellent offer.

To find out more about Logos Bible Software, please visit