Biblical Counseling Conference

Equip partners with the Christian Counselling Education Foundation (CCEF) to provide seminars and conferences to encourage Gospel-centred biblical counselling amongst pastors and church leaders.Ā 

CCEF South-East Asia Conference 2017

Side by SideĀ Seminar

Everyone needs help at different times, particularly in the midst of difficult circumstances and trials. This is a one-day seminar especially aimed at pastors, elders, leaders and other Gospel workers, to equip our churches to better care for one another. We will have practical guidance for all Christians who want to develop their ‘helping skills’ when it comes to walking alongside hurting people.

Session 1 – You Are Needy

Session 2 – You Are Needed

Session 3 – You Are Needed (cont.)

SessionĀ 4a – Equipping Your Church

Session 4b – Case Studies

Shame Undone

Shame controls far too many of us. Feelings of worthlessness, inferiority, rejection, weakness, failure, humiliation… It all adds up to wishing we could avoid situations or hide from one another. We have all experienced shame in one way or another. The way out, however, is often much harder to find. This one-day seminar will look at how God cares for the shamed and lifts the pain of worthlessness and rejection.

Session 1 – Shame is Everywhere

Session 1 – You Are Needy

Session 2 – Hope Sneaks In

Session 2 – You Are Needed

Session 3 – You Are Needed (cont)

Session 3 – The Holy of Holies

Session 4 – You Are A Priest

Session 5 – Case Studies

Session 5 – Q&A