Certificate in Biblical Counselling

Equip’s Certificate in Biblical Counselling is awarded by combining selected Certificate in Theology (CertTh) subjects and materials from CCEF’s School of Biblical Counselling (SBC) with the aim of equipping students with a solid theological foundation and biblically informed knowledge and skills when providing counsel, support and care for others.

Our current students include pastors, elders, youth workers, small group leaders, those in training to be professional counsellors and lay people from all walks of life who desire to be better equipped when providing support, care and counsel to others.

Foundation in Biblical Counselling

6 credit points

Our Foundation comprises four subjects to give an overview of the Bible, help students interpret it, and deepen their understanding of how God changes us and how we help others.

Students enrolled in the Foundation in Biblical Counseling are required to start with Bible Overview, followed by one other CertTh subjects required for this programme.

Upon successfully completing both these CertTh subjects, students can advance to the SBC subjects, beginning with Dynamics of Biblical Change and then moving on to Helping Relationships.

CertTh subjects

Bible Overview

+1 other CertTh

subjects listed below


SBC subjects

Dynamics of Biblical Change

Helping Relationships

Certificate in Biblical Counselling

12 credit points

This programme is designed to equip you in building a biblical foundation theologically while loving and caring for others biblically.

Upon completing all the required CertTh subjects, which can be taken in any order, students have the flexibility to pursue other SBC subjects within the Certificate in Biblical Counseling syllabus in an order of their choice.

CertTh subjects

Promise to Fulfilment

Old Testament 1


Doctrine 1

Doctrine 2

SBC subjects

Applied Theology of the Person

Scripture for Life & Ministry

Everyday Problems in Counselling

Counselling in the Local Church

General Information

CertTh subjectSBC subject
Duration10 weeks10 weeks
Time Commitment per subject5 hours per week6 – 9 hours per week
Cost per subjectRM 160RM 600
Terms per year3 terms4 terms
Mode of classes
  • On-site classes at different host venues
  • Online virtual classes via video conferencing software
  • Occasional intensive classes
Online learning via Canvas where students can watch the lectures, submit assignments, read articles, participate in a class community board, and communicate with the Online Instructor.
Requirement to receive a credit point65% and aboveC- or higher

Subject Registration

(May 2024 – July 2024)

CertTh 2024 Term 2

Term Dates:
13 May – 31 July 2024

SBC 2024 Term 3

Term Dates:
17 June – 24 August 2024

Programme Calendar

+ Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the whole course in a certain timeframe?

There is no required timeframe to complete. Students have the flexibility to complete according to their own capacity.

What can I do with the Certificate in Biblical Counselling awarded by Equip?

Equip’s Certificate in Biblical Counselling will equip you for effective Pastoral care in the local church in a variety of pastoral situations. Such a person can be a resource others can look to caring for more difficult pastoral issues in the church.

However, our Certificates are not the equivalent of certification, and are not sufficient for career-level training.

Can I transfer credits from other institutions for this?

In most cases, no transfer of credit will be offered. However, you may apply for transfer of credit by filling out the “Transfer Credit Form” available here.

Am I able to receive the CCEF Certificates as well?

Yes, on top of the Equip Certificate in Biblical Counselling, as a student registered with CCEF, you are eligible to get Certificates awarded by CCEF.

Have other questions?

If you have other questions that are not listed above, feel free to write to us at info@equip.org.my or simply submit your enquiry at https://new.equip.org.my/contact/