Certificate in Biblical Counselling

Equip’s Certificate in Biblical Counselling is awarded by combining selected Certificate in Theology subjects and materials from CCEF’s School of Biblical Counselling with the aim of equipping students with a solid theological foundation and biblically informed knowledge and skills when providing counsel, support and care for others.

Our current students include pastors, elders, youth workers, small group leaders, those in training to be professional counsellors and lay people from all walks of life who desire to be better equipped when providing support, care and counsel to others.

Have you ever wondered?

How do you align your theological knowledge with your heart? What does the Bible speak about your feelings and emotions? How should you provide pastoral care even when you are not a pastor? Or how should you give wise counsel to those who are hurting?

This program is designed to guide you in building a biblical foundation theologically while loving & caring for others biblically.

Foundations in Biblical Counselling

6 credit points

Students should start by taking Bible Overview first, followed by Dynamics of Biblical Change. These two are the pre-requisite subjects to all the others in this programme. Then, students can complete the other two subjects in any order.

Our Foundations comprises four subjects to give an overview of the Bible, help students interpret the Bible, and deepen their understanding of how God changes us and how we help others.

Certificate in Theology subjects

Bible Overview

Promise to Fulfillment


Biblical Counselling subjects

Dynamics of Biblical Change

Helping Relationships

Certificate in Biblical Counselling

12 credit points

Upon completion of all the subjects in Foundations, students may continue with the rest of the subjects in the Certificate in Biblical Counselling.

This programme is designed to train you in building a biblical foundation theologically while loving and caring for others biblically. Students may complete these subjects in any order.

Certificate in Theology subjects

Old Testament 1


Doctrine 1

Doctrine 2

Biblical Counselling subjects

Applied Theology of the Person

Scripture for Life & Ministry

Everyday Problems in Counselling

Counselling in the Local Church


Certificate in Theology Subject: In order to receive a credit point, students are required to complete the subject, sit for the exam and have a passing mark of 50 and above for each subject.

Biblical Counselling Subject: In order to receive credit points, students are required to enrol as credit and also complete the subject with a C- or higher.

+ Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects should I start with?

Every student must begin with Bible Overview first, followed by Dynamics of Biblical Change before proceeding to other subjects in the Foundations in any order.

Once completed all the required subjects in Foundations, students may continue to take subjects in Certificate in Biblical Counselling in any order.

What is the cost of the courses?

Certificate In Theology subject: Each subject cost RM 160 (normal price) and RM 110 (concession rate). Concession rate is available for ministry workers, retirees, full-time students, and unemployed persons.

Biblical Counselling subject: The actual cost of each subject is USD$750.00. Equip offers these subjects to students outside the United States at a discounted rate of RM600 per subject.

What’s the duration of the courses?

Certificate in Theology subject: There are three terms each year for the Equip Certificate in Theology programme, not all subjects are offered every term but at least one subject will be offered each term. Each term lasts for three months.

Biblical Counselling subject: There are four terms each year for CCEF, not all subjects are offered every term. These subjects are offered in alternating terms and will lasts for three months.

Where do I go for the classes?

For Certificate in Theology subjects, students can choose to enrol in the following methods:

  • attend on-site classes that are run in different host churches,
  • attend online virtual courses via video conferencing software, or
  • attend intensive classes that are held occasionally – the intensive classes are usually taught over two weekends, e.g. Friday 8pm-10pm, and Saturday 9am-4pm.

For Biblical Counselling subjects, the classes are available online only. The registered students will be given access to the online learning platform where they can access to watch the lectures, submit assignments, read articles, participate in a class community board, and communicate with the Online Instructor.

How do I register for the courses?

Please register online via the links below:

Certificate in Theology subjects – https://new.equip.org.my/certificate-registration/

Biblical Counselling subjects – https://new.equip.org.my/ccef-registration/

Do I need to complete the whole course in a certain timeframe?

There is no required timeframe to complete. Students have the flexibility to complete according to their own capacity.

Can I apply for any financial aid / scholarships?

Equip offers some financial aid to those who are in need. However, students must take the initiative to first discuss with their church pastors for any possible sponsorship support from their own churches before reaching out to Equip.

What can I do with the Certificate in Biblical Counselling awarded by Equip?

The Foundations and Certificate in Biblical Counselling will equip you for effective Pastoral care in the local church in a variety of pastoral situations. Such a person can be a resource others can look to caring for more difficult pastoral issues in the church.

However, our Certificates are not the equivalent of certification, and are not sufficient for career-level training.

Can I transfer credits from other institutions for this?

In most cases, no transfer of credit will be offered. However, you may apply for transfer of credit by filling out the “Transfer Credit Form” available here.

Can I enrol to take Certificate in Theology subjects and Biblical Counselling subjects at the same time?

If you are studying part-time, we would generally recommend students against taking two or more subjects at the same time.

The average workload for a Certificate in Theology subject is 5 hours per week. The average workload for a Biblical Counselling subject is 7 hours per week.

Certificate in Theology subjects require students to submit assignments at the end of the class, while the Biblical Counselling subjects do have weekly assignments, readings, lectures, and exam, which can be quite intensive for students.

Am I able to receive the CCEF Certificates as well?

Yes, on top of the Equip Certificate in Biblical Counselling, as a student of CCEF, you are eligible to get Certificates awarded by CCEF.

Have other questions?

If you have other questions that are not listed above, feel free to write to us at ccef@equip.org.my or simply submit your enquiry at https://new.equip.org.my/contact/

Get started with PTC subjects

Equip runs Certificate in Theology courses in four terms every year. Each term at least one Preliminary Theological Certificate subject will be offered. All students are required to start with “Bible Overview” as the foundational subject before proceeding to other subjects.

Get started with CCEF subjects

CCEF courses are offered three terms each year. Dynamics of Biblical Change, Helping Relationships, Counselling in the Local Church, and Counselling Observation are offered every term, while all other subjects are offered on an every-other term rotation. All students must start with Dynamics of Biblical Change.