Biblical Counselling

Equip partners with the Christian Counselling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) to provide biblical counselling courses in Malaysia at a discounted rate. These classes offer a biblical foundation for understanding God, understanding ourselves, and understanding others – a valuable tool for anyone involved in ministry or counselling.

About CCEF

CCEF is a Christian counselling and educational ministry located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA partnering with Equip Gospel Ministries, to prepare Christians for works of ministry.

CCEF offers online certificate courses in Biblical Counselling for anyone who wants to grow in biblical wisdom and be better equipped in ministry. Courses are taught online using engaging video and audio resources presented by CCEF Faculty in our online classrooms, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Weekly assignments and readings together with an online student forum allow participants to have interactive online communities as they study. In addition, students have an instructor available online to grade papers and support them through the course.


Who Can Take The Course?

Anyone who wants to be better equipped to minister to those around them. Current students include pastors, elders, youth workers, small group leaders, doctors, lay people who want to be better equipped to help friends, those who will go on to be professional counsellors and many others.

A range of counselling subjects are offered including Dynamics of Biblical Change, Helping Relationships, Counselling in the Local Church, Marriage Counselling, Theology and Secular Psychology, Human Personality and Biblical Interpretation. Course descriptions are available at

How It Works

When you sign up for a class, you will be given access to a portal where you can watch lectures, do assignments, readings, and participate in a class community board, all from the convenience of your computer, wherever it works for you (some additional reading will need to be ordered separately).

You will be assigned a Recitation Instructor, someone who will be available through email to answer questions, respond to problems, grade assignments, etc.

Each week, you will turn in assignments to your Recitation Instructor for feedback as you work your way through the class

Upon completion of 5-6 classes (see website for details), you may receive a Certificate in Biblical Counselling from CCEF (Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation).

Students living in Malaysia and Brunei are eligible for a special discount of more than 80% off the USD price! The normal price would be USD650 for each subject. Equip and CCEF are offering the courses to students living in Malaysia and Brunei for RM500 per subject.

(Please note that registration fees may be revised on a termly basis due to fluctuations in the exchange rate)


Where Do I Start?

The foundation module is Dynamics of Biblical Change and it is recommended that all students take this module first. It is a course about people. It is about how people change into the “image of Jesus Christ.” It helps to understand how lasting change begins in the heart, and is the result of understanding how the Gospel – Christ’s past, present, and future grace – applies to how we live our daily lives. The truths of Scripture provide life-giving answers to questions such as: What are you facing? What should you be like? Why do you do what you do? How do you change? How should you live now?

Helping Relationships is the other really foundational class, recommended to take second. Other subjects offered include Counseling in the Local Church, Biblical Interpretation, Counseling and Physiology, and Marriage Counseling.

These and other classes are offered three times per year (January, May, and September). Please note that registration closes approximately one month prior to the new classes.

Pre-requisite Classes:
* Dynamics of Biblical Change (pre-requisite for all courses).
Counseling Observation (*Please note: Dynamics of Biblical Change and Helping Relationships are prerequisites for this course.)
* Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor (*Please note: Dynamics of Biblical Change and Helping Relationships are prerequisites for this course.)


How Do I Get More Information Or Sign Up?

For more information on the course visit, email, who would be happy to explain the different courses and how we can support you in your learning. We are also happy to add you to an email list for updates and registration reminders.


How Do I Sign Up At A Discounted Rate?

Those who sign up via Equip will be able to enjoy the *discounted rate of RM500 per course.  Scholarships and concession rates are available for those with financial needs through application here.

*Remarks: The discounted rate is eligible for those living in Malaysia and Brunei only.

Equip-CCEF Fees

Tuition FeeRM 500RM 500
Withdrawal FeeRM 100RM 100
Switching Fee (credit to audit)RM 100


Books and Resources

We recognise that the cost of purchasing textbooks for CCEF modules can be expensive. Equip holds a small library of books together with a list of students who are willing to lend their books out. If you would like to borrow books for your course please email To learn more about our library and how to register to borrow, click here.

If you prefer to purchase your own copy of books we do advise you do this as early as possible, particularly if local bookshops do not stock your titles. Books ordered from overseas can often take several weeks to arrive.