Equip partners with the Christian Counselling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) to provide biblical counselling courses in Malaysia at a discounted rate. These classes offer a biblical foundation for understanding God, understanding ourselves, and understanding others – a valuable tool for anyone involved in ministry or counselling.


is a Christian counselling and educational ministry located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA partnering with Equip Gospel Ministries, to prepare Christians for works of ministry. CCEF offers online certificate courses in Biblical Counselling for anyone who wants to grow in biblical wisdom and be better equipped in ministry.


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to be better equipped to minister to those around them. Current students include pastors, elders, youth workers, small group leaders, doctors, lay people who want to be better equipped to help others, those who will go on to be professional counsellors and many others.


How does it work?

Affordable rate

Students living in Malaysia and Brunei are eligible to study with Equip at a affordable rate. See “Course Fees” below for more details.

Course Learning

Students will be given access to the online learning portal upon registering the course with Equip.

The online portal is where students can watch recorded lectures, submit weekly assignments, get other reading materials, and participate in class community boards.

Each student will be assigned a Online Instructor, who will be available through email to answer course related questions, provide feedbacks and grades on assignments.  You will also have the opportunity to connect with your instructor in real time, giving you the chance to ask questions, hear their vision for the course, and discuss course material together through Live Engagement sessions organized throughout the duration of the course.

There will be some required books, as according to each module, that need to be purchased separately. Credit students are required to submit weekly assignments, and complete a final exam/project at the end of the term.

Course Completion

There are three terms per year. Each term takes about 3 months. There is no set duration for students to complete the needed modules.


Where do I start?

All students must start with either Dynamics of Biblical Change (pre-requisite for all modules) or Helping Relationships.

Dynamics of Biblical Change is a course about people. It is about how people change into the “image of Jesus Christ.” It helps to understand how lasting change begins in the heart, and is the result of understanding how the Gospel – Christ’s past, present, and future grace – applies to how we live our daily lives. The truths of Scripture provide life-giving answers to questions such as: What are you facing? What should you be like? Why do you do what you do? How do you change? How should you live now?

Helping Relationships is recommended to take as a second module upon the completion of the Dynamics of Biblical Change. Other subjects offered include Counselling in the Local Church, Scripture for Life & Ministry and Applied Theology of the Person. See the registration page for descriptions of the modules each term.

These and other classes are offered three times per year (March, June, and September). Equip registration closes approximately one month prior to the new term.


Course fees

Tuition Fee (per module)RM 380RM 340

Please contact ccef@equip.org.my if you are looking for scholarships/financial aid.

*Concession rate is available for students, ministry workers, pensioners, or unemployed folks.

Required books

Each CCEF module has some required book readings where students need to source separately. All other required article readings will be provided by CCEF.

Loan: As an alternative, you may loan the books from Equip library. Not all titles are available, books that are available in Equip library are linked below. If you are interested to loan, please see this page or contact ccef@equip.org.my if you need assistance.

The following required books list is provided by CCEF and is subject to change on their end. If this list differs from the final syllabus sent to you, please follow the CCEF syllabus as final. The syllabus typically is sent to students about 1 month before the term begins.

Got questions?

If you have any other questions regarding Equip-CCEF, please email to ccef@equip.org.my.