CCEF - Children & Adolescents


Today’s children and teens struggle with many common counseling issues, such as depression, eating disorders, broken relationships, suicide, and peer pressure, to name a few. At the root of these problems is a heart struggle that the Lord wants to redeem and transform through the application of Gospel truths. Through practical, hands on project assignments and creative class exercises, you’ll learn how to build a relationship with a child or teen and apply Scripture in a way that gives life. You will apply the counseling strategies and methodology taught in class, with a child or adolescent of your choosing, with whom you will commit to meet weekly throughout the duration of the course. You’ll also have lectures and assigned readings that help you understand a biblical method of family counseling; issues of learning and development; and develop an understanding of common counseling problems with children and teens. While this course focuses on applying counseling skills to children and teens, the skills you’ll build are applicable to counseling adults as well, learning to draw them out and feel comfortable discussing their problems, and applying Scripture.

Module outline:

Week 1: Introduction and Family
Week 2: Children in the Context of Community/Family Life
Week 3: Learning & Development
Week 4: Child Abuse & Reporting
Week 5: Teaching Kids about Sex & Personal Safety
Week 6: Counseling Children who have been Violated
Week 7: Redeeming Play Therapy
Week 8: Counseling Children with Anxiety/Fears
Week 9: Body Image Issues in Teens
Week 10: Counseling Adopted Children & Families
Week 11: Children & Families of Divorce
Week 12: Psychiatric Issues in Children & Teens

If you are considering taking the course as an audit student rather than for credit please contact us to discuss this first.

Required Textbooks

Students must purchase separately, any other required reading is provided with course access.

  • Child Proof: Parenting by Faith, not by Formula by Julie Lowe
  • More Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth by Liana Lowenstein
  • Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldviews and Christian Truth by Walt Mueller
  • Play in Family Therapy by Eliana Gil


        2020 Term 1

        Term starts: 15 January 2020
        Term ends: 8 April 2020
        Registration Deadline: 15 November 2019
        Anticipated Course Access: 2 January 2020