CCEF - Helping Relationships


Let’s say you have a basic and growing understanding of biblical counseling. You know the key ideas and have been able to apply them to yourself. Now comes the hard part: How do you apply this understanding in your everyday relationships? This course will take the content you already know and get specific about how you can actually deliver the content. Case studies, lectures, and group discussions will help you grow in your ability to listen well, know people, interpret another person’s story from a biblical perspective, and offer biblically-based truth that will motivate others in their growth in Christ.

Note: This course has two unique requirements. First, you will be paired with two other students for a bi-weekly community group. This group will decide when they want to meet, and what format works best (Skype, Google Hangout, Phone Call, etc.)

You will also meet weekly for an hour with someone (a friend, fellow church member, neighbor, etc.) to put into practice what you are learning in Helping Relationships. You will receive more information about these activities in your course syllabus and in the opening lecture.

Module outline:

Week 1: Course Introduction and Overview
Week 2: How to Help in Shorter, Everyday Conversations
Week 3: How to Help a Person Who is Stuck or Hurting
Week 4: Tracking (Part 1)
Week 5: Tracking (Part 2)
Week 6: Knowing Someone’s History
Week 7: Counseling Process
Week 8: How to Access Scripture (Part 1)
Week 9: How to Access Scripture (Part 2)
Week 10: Moving Toward Those with Psychiatric Diagnoses
Week 11: Walking Alongside Another Person
Week 12: Concluding Lecture

If you are considering taking the course as an audit student rather than for credit please contact us to discuss this first.

Required Textbooks

Students must purchase separately, any other required reading is provided with course access.

  • Side by Side by Ed Welch
  • The Heart of the Servant Leader by C. John Miller
  • The Gift of Therapy by Irving Yalom


    2020 Term 1

    Term starts: 15 January 2020
    Term ends: 8 April 2020
    Registration Deadline: 15 November 2019
    Anticipated Course Access: 2 January 2020