OT226 The Psalter (English) - Online

Learning Outcomes

A. Know and understand:

  1. The contents and structure of the Psalter
  2. The themes and theological teaching of the Psalter
  3. The use of the Psalms in the life and worship of ancient Israel
  4. The nature and methods of Old Testament exegesis
  5. Selected Psalms (eg. 2, 8, 16, 19, 22, 24, 46, 51, 73, 74, 96, 99, 103, 110, 116, 132, 137)

B. In order to be able to ascertain the meaning of the text of the selected Psalms, be able to:

  1. Use sources such as biblical and theological dictionaries, commentaries and on-line resources
  2. Recognise literary form and structure
  3. Identify matters relating to authorship, date and purpose
  4. Describe the historical, religious and socio-cultural background
  5. Relate the text to the literary and canonical contexts
  6. Comment on the meaning of significant words and phrases
  7. Outline the contents and theology and
  8. Exegete a selection of Psalms

C. And be in a position to:

  1. Exegete the text of the Psalms for personal understanding and for use in ministry contexts

      Online – Timothy Partnership
      Semester Date: 3 Feb – 21 June 2020