Please complete the foundation and pre-requisite subject Bible Overview, before registering for any other subjects.

Welcome Back, Returning Students!

Below are the available modules available this term.

Preliminary Theology Certificate (PTC) Level

Doctrine 1


CT101 Doctrine 1

We explore the Bible’s teaching about God – how we get to know him, what he is like, what he has done for us.

1. The Gospel of God
2. Knowing God
3. Sources for the knowledge of God
4. The Bible as the Word of God
5. The God we know (1)
6. The God we know (2): the Trinity
7. The God who creates
8. The God who saves
9. The God who rules history
10. The God who renews

Teacher – Oliver Wong
Saturdays 10.30am – 12.30pm
Begins: 18 May 2024

Intermediate Theology Certificate (ITC) Level



NT122 Romans

Romans opens up the central truths of the gospel. This book has changed many lives. Some of these lives have changed history. A detailed walk through the book of Romans in this module.

1. The background of the letter
2. Why we need the gospel
3. How God meets our need
4. The fruit of justification
5. The Christian and sin
6. The Christian and God’s law
7. Life in the Spirit
8. The problem of Israel’s unbelief
9. Jews and Gentiles in the plan of God
10. Love in action

Teacher – Oliver Wong
Tuesdays 8pm – 10pm
Begins: 14 May 2024

Prayer Book


CW121 Prayer Book

A historical and theological exploration of why and how Anglicans meet together.

1. What really is worship?

2. Why gather together?
3. The Lord’s Supper
4. The first English Prayer Book
5. The second English Prayer Book
6. The Prayer Book from 1552 to 1662
7. Modern Anglican Prayer Books
8. Morning and Evening Prayer
9. Baptism and Confirmation
10. Occasional services


Teacher – Daniel Woon
Tuesdays 8pm – 10pm
Begins: 14 May 2024

Old Testament 2


OT121 Old Testament 2

This unit considers the Former Prophets from Joshua to 2 Kings.

1. Introduction to the former prophets
2. The book of Joshua
3. The book of Judges
4. 1 Samuel 1–12 Samuel and the beginnings of the monarchy
5. 1 Samuel 13-31
6. 2 Samuel
7. 1 Kings 1-11
8. 1 Kings 12—2 Kings 17 Israel and Judah
9. 1 Kings 17—2 Kings 13
10. 2 Kings 18-25

Teacher – Tim Nicholls
Tuesdays 8pm – 10pm
Begins: 14 May 2024

Advanced Theology Certificate (ThC) Level

John’s Gospel


NT142 Gospel According to John

This study of John focuses solely on John’s Gospel, drawing out what is distinctive about the Gospel both in terms of content and style.

1. The Word of God becomes flesh (John 1)
2. From Cana to Cana
3. Deciding about Jesus (John 5-6)
4. The light of the world (John 7-9)
5. My sheep hear my voice (John 10-12)
6. Abide in me (John 13:1-15:17)
7. In that day (John 15:18-17:26)
8. In my place condemned he stood (John 18:1-19:42)
9. Resurrection (John 20:1-21:23)
10. A fourth Gospel

CDPC Subang 
Teacher – Tony Thavasilan
Thursdays 8pm – 10pm
Begins: 9 May 2024

New Testament 3


NT131 New Testament 3

Paul and his ministry. Investigating the problems he faced, the gospel he preached and the letters he wrote.

1. Introduction to Paul’s Letters
2. Paul and the Gospel
3. The Defence of the Gospel of grace
4. The Nature of Christian Freedom
5. Paul the Pastor
6. Problems at Corinth
7. The Apostolic Ministry
8. Philippians and Ephesians
9. Fullness of Life in Christ
10. The Pastoral Epistles

Teacher – Tim Philips
Thursdays 8pm – 10pm
Begins: 18 May 2024