CATEGORY: Timothy Partnership Template Courses

NT201 – Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


NT201 is a study of the historical background and contents of the New Testament, with special reference to the ministry of Jesus.

Unit Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of NT201 Jesus and the Gospels are as follows:

A. Know and understand:

  1. The contents, themes and character of the canonical Gospel traditions

  2. The life and ministry of Jesus

B. Be able to:

  1. Describe the historical, socio-cultural, religious and political setting of first-century Palestine as the context of Jesus’ life and ministry
  2. Identify the distinctive features of the four gospels and the interrelationships between them
  3. Sketch the life and identity of Jesus 
  4. Outline the message and ministry of Jesus

C. Be in a position to:

  1. Use perspectives from ‘Jesus and the Gospels’ for personal understanding and in teaching and ministry contexts

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