Equip Exists for God's Church

Our vision is to theologically educate and train current and future church leaders to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

About The Program

We exist for the local church – to train church leaders by biblically educating them to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

From start to finish, Equip programs seek to transform students by renewing their minds with biblical truth, igniting their hearts with ministry passion, and enriching their souls to pursue Christ-likeness.

Diploma & Bachelor Degrees

The Equip-MBS Diploma in Theology aims to deepen understanding of the Christian faith. Students delve deeply into bible studies, systematic theology and church history.


30 Subject credits
1 year Full-Time study

Equip-MBS Master of Divinity program prepares students for a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry in both local church and para-church organizations. The degree aims to deepen understanding of the Christian faith. This course is interdisciplinary and rigorous, combining biblical languages, biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and Christian ethics.


90 Subject credits
3 years Full-Time study

In partnership with:
MBS (Malaysia Bible Seminary)

Hear from the Students

Hear from the current students on what they have to say about the program and find out why they find it suitable and helpful for them.

Not sure what is suitable for yourself? Feel free to contact us by requesting for more info.

Testimony by Wong Chong Shiau

I am very thankful for the opportunity to further my theological training through Equip Gospel Ministries. I have just completed the online Combined Diploma in Theology and Ministry with Youthworks College in Australia. I undertook the study program over a period of three years. It has been a tremendous journey of learning and enrichment for me, both personally and for my ministry.

The course has imparted to me fresh understanding of…

Testimony by Dinesh Natorajan

Dinesh is currently studying part time with Equip in Master of Divinity and also serving in ministry at St Mary’s Cathedral KL as one of the pastors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equip’s Diploma/Degree program?

Equip’s Diploma and Degree program seeks to theologically train and equip the current  next-generation gospel-focused Malaysian church leaders. 

Our training will give you a solid grounding in New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Applied Theology, and Church History. The goal is for students to receive a well-rounded theological education, enabling graduates to enter or continue ministry equipped for the contemporary struggles of ministry in Malaysia.

Who is this for?

Our Diploma and Degree courses can be taken by Christians who want to be better equipped for ministry whether it be part time or full time, ordained or lay. We have students who work as pastors, full time church workers, or serve with parachurch organisations. Others study to better equip themselves for lay ministry in their local church.

Our M.Div. program is especially rigorous, and is geared towards those preparing for a lifetime of vocational ministry and church leadership.

 Entry into the program is subject to its application process, including an interview.

Why pursue a diploma/degree with Equip Gospel Ministries?

Firstly, we are For God’s Church! Every subject, assignment and assessment is specially designed to teach you how to apply what you are learning to ministry.

Secondly, in collaboration with our ministry partner, Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS), our Bachelors and Masters degrees are accredited through the Asia Theological Association (ATA).

Thirdly, our international lecturers are experts in their field(s) and passionate about serving the local church for the cause of Christ.

Fourthly, our fees are low. Each subject costs RM500. This reduced cost allows you to study with less fear about finances. For more information on fees click here.

Why do pastors need theological education?

Think of your medical doctor. Do you want him going to medical school before he started prescribing you medications and treating your ailments? Hopefully, the obvious answer is “yes”! 

The same question can be asked about leaders in the church. The world is filled with many troubles (John 16:33), most of which will find their way into the local church at some point. A rigorous theological education provides current and future church leaders with the tools and training necessary to accurately teach the Word of God, think theologically under that Word, and faithfully shepherd their congregation, through the peaceful and turbulent times.

What are some distinctives in your approach to theological education?
  • Equip’s primary goal is to train the current and future Malaysian church leaders to be faithful, Gospel centred ministers of God’s Word.
  • All our training is designed to enable students to rightly handle God’s Word and expound it in their context.
  • Our training is informed by a Biblical Theology which sees the Bible as a single unified story that centres on Christ.
  • While we are non-denominational, all of our teachers affirm our evangelical, broadly reformed doctrinal statement.
  • We seek to partner with local churches in the overall discipleship of our students.
How much of it is available online?

It is possible to complete the Diploma of Theology entirely online. Up to 1/3 of our Bachelor and Masters level programs can be completed online.

Are scholarships available?

Theological education is expensive. If we charged students the full price for their theological education, it would amount to more than RM2000 per subject. We only charge students RM500 per subject but seek to fund our resulting deficit by raising support from like-minded individuals and churches who are willing to partner with us in this ministry. With this in mind, every student already receives a substantial scholarship. 

In addition to this, while there are no official scholarships, if the cost of theological education is still too much to bear, come and talk to us! It may be possible for students to receive additional financial support through some of our generous financial backers. On the other hand, if you would like to help students in this situation you can talk to us as well.

How do I sign up?

Follow this link to begin you application!