Equip-MBS Diploma in Theology


The Equip-MBS diploma of theology is a great foundation for those looking to go into employment in ministry, in church or other para-church organizations. Students delve deeply into the Bible, systematic theology and the history of the church.

Training For Ordination

Our diploma and degree courses prepare you for ordination in your denomination. Our flexible course pathway allows you to continue to remain in ministry at your local church while you grow in your theological capabilities. Our degree courses also require a short internship with a church or para-church organization to help further strengthening your experience and applying your theological knowledge to work. These courses are aimed at preparing you for life-long ministry, so you will be solidly grounded in God’s Word in whichever context God will put you in. We aim to help you serve while you train theologically.

Course Delivery

Classes: Classes are taught by world-class lecturers giving the opportunity for students to engage with the best of teaching and classroom discussion.

Course Structure

The Diploma in Theology requires a total of 30 credit points for completion; with flexibility around how many subjects are studied each semester. At a minimum, a diploma can be completed in 1 year, which requires a full-time load of 5 subjects per semester. Students must complete at least 1 subject per year to remain enrolled in the course.

Pool Description Points per subject

Certificate Pool


100 level subjects that may be taken as classes or self-study. 1 point
Degree Pool 200 level subjects that may be taken through Intensive classes. 3 points
General Pool MBS Subjects or recognized subjects through other institutions. 1 – 3 points

To receive the diploma of Theology you must complete 30 credit points as follow:

Includes subjects from all 3 pools




Certificate Pool Subjects (100 level)

Must include Bible Overview and PTF



Degree Pool Subjects (200 level)




General Pool Subjects




Note:  Degree Pool Subjects and General Pool Subjects must together include at least 3 points in each of the following:

  •  Doctrine
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Applied Theology 
  • Hermeneutics

Credit From Previous Studies

Any Certificate pool subjects completed under the Equip-MBS Certificate of Theology may be counted towards the Equip-MBS Diploma in Theology provided that the student obtained at least a Credit for their exam.


Studying with




RM 500

RM 300


Before being accepted into this course, students will be required to complete a detailed registration form and attend an interview with Equip.  They may be required to attend another interview with MBS if so desired by MBS.