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The mission of Equip is to prepare Christians for works of gospel-centred ministry, in partnership with local churches, through Biblical, theological and ministry skills training.


Theological Study

Thinking of theological education?
We have Certificate, Degree, and Master level programs with self-study options.


Ministry Training

We equip Christians for various areas of ministry from Sunday School training to Biblical Counseling.

Events & Conferences

Our annual conferences help bring Christians in ministry together to grow and serve in various ministries.

Testimonial: Karin Thorne

As a pastor’s wife of more than 35 years, I am often privileged to come alongside people in their individual stories and situations. The things that I have learned through CCEF have been valuable as I seek to encourage, listen and help many people in our unique, multi-cultural church. ‘Dynamics of Biblical Change’ was emotionally challenging for me, but it served to deepen my roots and trust in God while I am currently walking a difficult road. I am grateful for what God continues to teach me as I invest time and intention in these courses and use what I learn to serve those God leads me to love and serve.

Karin Thorne

Student of Equip-CCEF

Testimonial: Darren Lee

Generally, I am wired to be more logical and task-oriented in my approach to life. So it is not surprising that sometimes I have difficulties understanding my own emotions and relating to others. These are the areas where ‘Dynamics of Biblical Change’ helped me tremendously. What stood out to me from the course is to learn that the situations we go through in life do not make us who we are, but instead, they reveal who we are. I have learned to dig deeper into my heart to find out the underlying issues and how to reorient myself by applying scriptural truths to my heart. In addition, I have learned to be more sensitive to the counselling needs of others. I am really thankful that this course helped my heart to draw closer to God.

Darren Lee

Student of Equip-CCEF & Equip-MBS Master of Divinity

Testimonial: Selinna Chin

Throughout the past 9 years of CCEF courses, it is a journey with the Lord taking me each step of healing and growing process, strengthening me by His Spirit to have a transforming heart, growing to love others by walking alongside them. CCEF online courses are well structured and supported, providing a great platform to guide one through the learning experience. The faithful handling of the Scripture in the courses was the key element which has helped me learn more about the saving grace of our Lord and His amazing love for us. I started reading one-to-one with ladies and with most sharing of sufferings or challenging circumstances to point them to search their heart towards Christ instead of the situation itself.  It is most encouraging to see their knowledge, faith and walk with Christ grow.

Selinna Chin

Student of Equip-CCEF

Testimonial: Priscilla Lim Shin Yi

I’m truly blessed by the opportunity to study God’s word through Equip at such an affordable price here and I’ve really enjoyed all the courses offered. The courses basically cover the whole Bible, which I find helpful as I think I would probably never have been able to discipline myself to read. It’s been more than just a theological knowledge but a spiritual reformation. Again and again, I’m amazed by God’s great love showed towards His people throughout the history, and many times I was convicted of my own sins and that I need to repent and turn to God.

Priscilla Lim Shin Yi

2021 Certificate in Theology graduate

Testimonial: Lee Ah Nga

To someone like me, seeking to explore the treasures of the Bible and not knowing how to do it, I find the approach adopted by Equip very helpful and simple yet interesting. There are gems in the Bible. The lessons guided me to where and how to dig and mine for them. The assignment as an assessment, an alternative to exams due to the pandemic, gave me the opportunity to go deeper in my studies. By the way, I am not a fan of examinations!

Lee Ah Nga

2021 Preliminary Thelogical Certificate Graduate

Testimonial: Gervaise Chuah

I am thankful for the opportunity to study for at Equip Gospel Ministries. They have made it possible for me to complete the Intermediate Theological Certificate via self-study mode. Throughout this journey, I have learned patience and perseverance. The lessons in the courses resonate with the reminder that God desires faithfulness in life and ministry, not academic brilliance.

Gervaise Chuah

2021 ITC Graduate & Equip-MBS Diploma in Theology student

Upcoming Dates

  • 1 Dec 2021 – 28 Feb 2022 – Certificate in Theology Term 4 2021
  • 1 Mar 2022 – Certificate in Theology Term 1 2022

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