Schedule of Fees

Certificate in Theology (on site & self-study)

Language Normal rate Concession rate
English RM 160 RM 110
Bahasa Malaysia RM 50 RM 30

Note: Concession rates are only offered to students, ministry workers, pensioners, or unemployed. If you are a working adult, you should pay the normal rate.

Other Fees

Type Amount
Library Fee RM 10 (normal); RM 5 (concession); RM 50 deposit


Diploma / Degree

Studying with Credit Audit
Equip-MBS RM 500 RM 300
Equip-Timothy Partnership RM 500 RM 300


For Equip-MBS students only

Type Amount
MBS Student Union Fees RM 100 per semester
Application Fees RM 100

Transfer of Credit Fees:

Certificate Pool

Degree Pool

General Pool


RM 15 per module

RM 110 per module

RM 110 per module



Type Credit Audit
Tuition Fee RM 500 RM 500
Withdrawal Fee RM 100 RM 100
Switching Fee (credit to audit) RM 100


Sunday School Training

Type Amount
Registration Fee RM 15 per topic