Financial Aid Policy

Please note the Equip Policy governing the financial aid offering as below.

Students are encouraged to seek financial aid from their local churches prior to application.

The determination of financial need recognizes that students are expected to contribute to learning expenses according to their means. A partial financial aid will be given if students have the means to do so.

Financial aid will only cover the cost of courses at Normal Rate, inclusive of textbook postage fees where applicable. No funds will be given to eligible students.

It is mandatory for students seeking financial aid to attempt for examination at the end of each course.

Students seeking financial aid should complete and submit the Financial Aid Form to Course

Administrator one month before the term begins.

Students can apply for up to a maximum of 3 courses in each application. A new application must be submitted for subsequent courses.

Once all the necessary forms and data have been received, the Ministry Director/Operations/Manager will determine the eligibility.

The financial aid will be awarded on the following criteria:

i. Having a genuine financial need

ii. Exhibit eagerness to undertake the program of study successfully

iii. Display of Christian character consistent with the Scriptures

iv. Demonstrated commitment to ministry in a local church

Once approval for the financial aid has been made, the Course Administrator and Finance should be notified for student records and accounting purposes.