From Sinner to Saint

From Sinner to Saint is the second in an exciting range of topical Bible studies. Using a mix of Bible investigation, group discussion and video input, From Sinner to Saint will help your group interact with what God is saying about holiness.

God has a plan. He is transforming every Christian from being a sinner into a saint. That is, God’s plan is to make Christians holy, just as he is holy.

Over these five studies you will explore what holiness is, how it is possible and how God is going to bring it about in your life. You will be challenged to persevere on the path to holiness and warned of the distractions you may encounter along the way. Finally, you’ll be encouraged by the grandeur of God’s plan for you in his new creation.

The text component gives you the road map for each study, with Bible passages to investigate and questions to think through. The video sections provide extra input from well-known Bible teacher John Chapman and will help you tie together the various strands of the Bible’s teaching.


Five Studies:

Study 1- God is Holy – we are not

Study 2 – How holiness is possible

Study 3 – God’s plan to make us holy

Study 4 – Striving for holiness

Study 5 – The fulfilment of holiness

St Mary’s Cathedral – Online
Term 3

Every Tuesday 8-10pm (5 weeks)
Start date: 8 September 2020
Tutor: Timothy Cheang