Host A Youth Ministry Training

If you wish to host a course, please fill out this form, and specify which course you would like to host.

Hosting Youth Ministry Training 2020


Fee and Participants

  • RM 20 per topic, per person
  • Minimum of 15 participants per training
  • Training is open to participants from any other churches (those who register from outside of the host church will pay on their own)

*Banking details can be found at here.
5% discount offer for group payment at a minimum of 15 participants’ fee (in one transaction). 

Date, Time, and Venue

  • Preferred dates and times cannot be guaranteed. These will be determined by mutual agreement between Equip and the host church.
  • Venue – Provided by host church with suitable space for the training (with at least a projector and whiteboard)


Responsibilities of Host Church

  • Arrange date and time with Equip, two months before the proposed training date
  • Decide on the topic(s) of the training
  • Invite participants & advertise the training
  • Provide a quiet venue with enough space and tools
  • Provide *name list and **payment to Equip
  • Provide refreshment (optional)
  • Love gift for trainer is not required

*Name list must include full name, email address, & phone number.

**50% deposit is required to be paid 1 month before the training date. Balance 50% is to be paid on the training day itself.

Responsibilities of Equip

  • Provide materials and trainer
  • Advertise training on Equip’s website and social media
  • Manage registrations & payments
  • Provide Sunday School resources for sale at the training
  • Provide Certificate of attendance for those who attended the training


Registration of Training

Participants are welcome to register directly on Equip’s website. However, host church can also register church participants and send the name list** to Equip prior to the training to minimize administrative tasks on the day itself.

On the day of training, Equip staff will be taking care of the registration and handing out printed materials* to participants. Registration starts half an hour before the training begins.

*Materials – Equip will provide printed materials for all participants
**Name list – must include full name, phone number, and email address

Book Sales

Equip will bring along related books and CDs for sale on the day of training. A table is required from host church for the setup of the book stall.



You are free to advertise the training at your church in a manner of your choosing. Equip will also be advertising for the training on its website, as well as send out publicity emails to the students in our database.


Certificate Award

A certificate will be awarded to the participants who attended the training.