IMPACT UK MALAYSIA is an annual conference aimed at encouraging gospel-centred living among: Christians heading to the UK to study, Christians currently studying in the UK, and Christians returning to Malaysia.

Christians heading to the UK to study – exploring challenges & opportunities of studying in the UK for Christians and the importance of Christian community.

Christians currently studying in the UK – encouraging you to live for the gospel as Christian students and getting you to think about how you can make the most of your student days in the UK.

Christians returning to Malaysia – examining the issues that come with returning to work in a fast-paced, work-obsessed culture. How do we cope with reverse culture shock? How should we decide on a job, or choosing a church?

If this is you, we strongly encourage you to sign up for ImpactUK 2023.

Theme: The Gospel and the Word of God
Speaker: Rev Dr Andrew Cheah
Date: 28-30th July 2023
Venue: Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

We aim to equip our students with solid teaching of God’s word, that as we know God truly and love Him deeply, we may live rightly.

*If financial assistance is needed, you may put a note on the form. We’d be happy to work something out for you.

Past Conferences


Main Talks
Talk 1 – Church, An Awe-some Gathering
Talk 2 – Church, An Encouragement Station
Testimony – Emily Ho + Equip and Impact UK Vision

Elective 1 – Comforting with the Comfort by Which We Are Comforted
Elective 2 – Hearing God’s Voice and Discerning His Will
Elective 3 – Working for Lord Jesus in a work-obsessed culture



Main Talks
Main Talk 1 – How to be Sure of a Rich Welcome
Main Talk 2 – How to be Ready for a New Home

Elective 1 – Malaysia As a Mission Field
Elective 2 – Christian Community: Online or Offline, Does it Matter?
Elective 4 – Navigating Culture Shock as a Christian


IMPACT UK MALAYSIA 2020: Plans Changed? God Doesn’t.

Elective 1 – Living for Christ wherever we are

Elective 2 – Making decisions in uncertain times

Elective 3 – Working in a Work-Obsessed Culture


IMPACT UK MALAYSIA 2019: Staying United in the Kingdom of Christ

Impact UK Talk 1 (Daniel 1) – Tim Nicholls

Impact UK Talk 2 (Daniel 3) – Tim Nicholls