Impact USA-Malaysia 2021 

The Quest: Studying Abroad, Serving the Gospel

Your life’s story is an unfolding series of quests which reflect God’s grand story of redemption. Quests like going abroad, completing a degree, choosing a career/job, finding a life partner. Yet to have a meaningful quest, you must learn of your identity from the Creator through the Gospel and then sustain your quest through a local Gospel community.


July 10, 2021

8pm-12am MYT
8am-12pm EST


Online Zoom Conference


Main Session 1

The Quest – The Gospel Calling

To have a meaningful quest in life, you must first know your origin, your predicament, your redemption, and your calling through their Creator, who reveals it to them through His Gospel.

Speaker: Gideon Lim

Main Session 2

The Quest – The Gospel Community

Understand the power of the Gospel and the importance of being part of God’s family to live out their calling, which is to display and reflect God and His glory.

Speaker: Gideon Lim


Workshop 1

God’s Will and Decision Making

A person’s choices are determined by their core beliefs. Thus, to make conviction decisions, one must have the right foundation.

Facilitator: Paul Matthiesen

Workshop 2

Gospel and Racism

The gospel both preserves the value of race and yet at the same time makes it no longer the dominate defining feature of our lives. Unity is built around the gospel which makes us into one humanity.

Facilitator: Micah Vickery

Workshop 3

How to Pick a Church

You are far from home, in a new culture, with few if any contacts. How do you get connected to other believers and grow in your Christian walk with others? Should joining a church be a priority or is joining a campus ministry more important?

Facilitator: Chris A

Speakers’ Bio

Gideon Lim

Gideon Lim

Gideon Lim currently serving as a lead pastor in Kelang Baptist Church. Presently, Gideon also serves as chairman of the board of GCN.  He holds graduate degrees from University of Louisiana in Monroe (MS in Chemistry) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv).

Gideon is married to Judith Lim from the United States, and they are blessed with 5 children – Josiah, Nathanael, Phoebe, Micah, and Chloe.  Gideon enjoys being a child of God, husband, parent, and pastor. He loves playing ping pong, reading, and watching sporting events.  He loves to help people to discover and rediscover the power of the Gospel, so that they will become Christ-center followers who impact their world and fulfill their individual calling in God’s kingdom.

Micah Vickery

Micah Vickery

Micah has been married to his wife Blair for 15 years and they have 4 children. They have been serving in Malaysia for 7 years. Micah is a pastor seeking to grow a healthy gospel centered church and help plant more churches.

Paul Matthiesen

Paul Matthiesen

Pastor Paul Matthiesen: Paul has served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. He currently serves as an associate pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Toledo, OH, with his main responsibilities in outreach, assimilation, and missions. He is married to his wife, Jana, for 37 years, has 2 children Tylan (Kristen) and Aunna. Plus, he has 2 wonderful grandkids. A favorite statement of his, “the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”

Chris A

Chris A

Chris A and his family have lived and served in Southeast Asia since 2002. He is married to Rebecca and they have five children. Church planting, theological education, and student/campus ministry are some of the ministry roles he in which he served. He currently serves as an elder at Gospel City Church. He holds a PhD from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.