Impact USA Conference starting at 9pm (M'sia) tonight!








Compared to home, the U.S.A seems to offer so much more.

A pioneer spirit. A diverse society. A robust economy. A functioning democracy. An opening for free speech. A vibrant entertainment scene. A technological hub. A multifarious ecosystem. This is a land of opportunity – its promise is that we would reap the good life, if only we are willing to sow our time and energy to its pursuit.

But is this picture of the good life –The American Dream – what life is all about?

Join us at Impact USA 2020, an online conference aimed at encouraging gospel-centered living among:

Christians heading to the USA to study

We share your excitement mixed with nervousness for your journey to USA! Come explore what it’s like to continue living as a Christian in a new culture full of new beginnings.

Christians currently studying in the USA

Congratulations, you have overcome the culture shock! Or have you? As you continue your studies in USA, discover with us gospel opportunities and how to continue growing as a disciple of Christ.

Christians returning to Malaysia from USA

Leaving second home isn’t easy. Settling back in Malaysia seems overwhelming. Let us help you navigate through these tough times as you think about work, church, etc. in light of the gospel.