Equip Library Policy

Please read the policy carefully before you submit your application. If you have any enquiries, please email to info@equip.org.my.

Fees & Deposits

  1. Yearly Membership fee: RM 5 (*concession) or RM 10 (normal) + RM 50 deposit. *Concession rate is for those who are unemployed / student / ministry worker / church worker / retired
  2. Deposits will be forfeited when books returned in an unusable condition or not returned at all.
  3. For any lost books due to members’ responsibilities, members need to purchase and replace them to Equip library. Deposits will be forfeited as well.
  4. Payment can be made by:-

Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad

Account Number: 514178-154052

Account Name: Euangelion Training and Services Sdn Bhd

Please email a receipt / screenshot of payment to us at finance@equip.org.my with your payment details (Date, Amount and your name) so that we are able to identify your payment. 

Membership Validity and Termination

  1. Each application is valid for ONE year; membership will automatically be terminated if the member fails to renew before it has expired. If a member cannot be contacted, the deposit will be forfeited and channeled to the Library Fund. For membership renewal, please fill out this form.
  2. Termination may be made upon request via email, with immediate effect. The deposit will be returned in full.
  3. Termination may occur as a result of disciplinary action for breaching these conditions. The deposit may be forfeited. 

Lending Period and Maximum books

  1. Books can be reserved online via Librarika/email on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Books may be borrowed for a maximum of 110 days from the day collection / postal.
  3. A member is eligible to borrow up to 3 books within the 110 days period, upon availability.
  4. Books are to be returned strictly on the due date. If one fails to return a book before or on the due date, a fine of RM1/day will be charged. All fines must be cleared before the next lending period.

Member’s records

  1. All members’ records are confidential and maintained strictly for administrative purposes.
  2. It is the responsibility of members to inform the Library of any changes in their membership data, especially with regard to contact details and any other information affecting their membership status.

Member’s responsibilities

  1. Books borrowed are NOT to be passed on to others without permission.
  2. Please DO NOT mark, highlight, or write in the books.
  3. Please DO NOT photocopy the books.
  4. Collections / Returns of books can be done via post or at Equip office. Postage is to be paid by members themselves. Kindly contact info@equip.org.my for arrangements to collect / return of books.