CCEF - Marriage Counselling

Course Description
Marriage problems can seem especially complicated and disheartening, not only for the couples struggling with them but also for those trying to help. Talking about them with a helper can be difficult, even explosive. In this introductory course on marriage counseling, you will walk away with a working model for how to make sense of marriage problems. You’ll understand simple, basic, and Biblical categories that can handle all of the mess and hardship that marriage counseling and marriage problems will throw at you. You’ll also learn methods that help you to manage and constructively direct the conflict and volatility that are often part of the process. But most importantly, you’ll have a model that in every way connects the truth of the Gospel to everything that you are going to see in marriage problems.

2022 Term 4

Term Starts: 19th December 2022 (10 weeks)
Term Ends: 20th February 2023
Registration Deadline: 30th November 2022
Anticipated Course Access: 14th December 2022