Online Learning System

1. Online Learning resources available to you:
Equip Online Learning System – Provides access to lecture notes, quizzes, forums, and extra readings recommended by your class tutor.

2. There are a few steps to gain access to the online resources. First of all, you are required to make full payment upon registration. Any delay in payment will also delay you being given access to the online learning systems.

3. Access to the Equip Online Learning System (EOLS) will normally be available by week 3.

4. Instructions to access:
Step 1: Check your email inbox for email sent from

Step 2: In the email, you will be given a username and login password. Click on the link in the email to log in (

Step 3: You are required to change the password after your first log-in.

Step 4: You are on “Dashboard” page and click on “Certificate Courses” in order to access the module which you have registered.

**If you encounter difficulties in signing in, kindly contact the administrator at for further assistance. It usually takes 5-7 days to process.