10,9,8…God is Great – Colin Buchanan (CD)


10,9,8 … GOD IS GREAT is soaked in Bible Truth and will get little (and big) toes tapping with its lively songs about God’s might and character.

10,9,8 GOD IS GREAT has become Colin’s best selling AUSSIE PRAISE album yet. Songs, bible memory verses, skits and whole lot more to keep your kids entertained and help them grow in their knowledge of God.

Includes a moving duet with Steve Grace – The Lord is King, “Who’s the King of the Jungle”, “God is Everywhere”, “People Change” and “The Crocodile Song”.

An ideal birthday or Christmas gift!

Track Listing:

  1. 10,9,8…God is Great!
  2. Prove It No. 1 – Where Is God?
  3. God Is Everywhere
  4. He’s Got Australia In His Hands
  5. Prove It No. 2 – Can You See God?
  6. People Change
  7. Verse – Only The Lord Knows
  8. Who’s The King Of The Jungle
  9. Prove It No. 3 – Does God Know Everything?
  10. A Bible Verse To Remember – Lamentations 3 v22-23
  11. God Our Father No. 2
  12. Jesus Is No Fairytale
  13. Verse – If The Outlook Is Bad
  14. The Lord Is King (Featuring Steve Grace)
  15. Prove It No. 4 – Does God Know Everything About Me?
  16. The Crocodile Song
  17. A Bible Verse To Remember – Ephesians 4:32
  18. A Bible Verse To Remember – James 4:7
  19. Verse – Its A Very Good Thing
  20. Rejoice In The Lord / Alleluia, Alleluia
  21. The Lord Don’t Change At All
  22. Prove It No. 5 – If I Sin, Can God Be My Friend?
  23. Jesus Loves Me
  24. Verse – Don’t Be Afraid
  25. God’s Love Is Strong Love
  26. A Bible Verse To Remember – James 4:8

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