A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs – Daniel Tong (Paperback)


This new edition of A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs revisits the age-old dilemma many Chinese Christians face. Daniel Tong examines various cultural practices and beliefs, and provides guidelines so that Christians will be able to live their faith to the fullest while maintaining their heritage. Viable Christian alternatives to practices during major Chinese festivals, weddings, funerals and ancestral worship are offered, and sections on traditional Chinese medical treatments have been updated and expanded. Illustrations and a glossary with Mandarin terms are now included to aid the reader’s comprehension. The author’s sound biblical and pastoral wisdom, combined with a rigorous understanding of Chinese traditions and beliefs, makes this book an important guide for all Chinese Christians.

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A graduate of Trinity Theological College, Daniel Tong has been a priest of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore since 1993. He has been researching and teaching about Chinese beliefs and practices for over 20 years. A father of three children, Daniel is currently Vicar of Chapel of the Resurrection. He is also the author of best-selling title, A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui and Divination.

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