Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs – Colin Buchanan (CD)


Colin’s New Testament BIG Bible Story Songs explodes with 13 amazing new Colin songs that bring to life a colourful cast of New Testament bible characters and their stories!  There’s Zacchaeus up the sycamore tree, Saul on the Damascus Road, the Man of the tombs, Mary, Martha, the apostles…and, of course, the One to whom all the bible stories lead: Jesus!  Upbeat, catchy and uniquely “Colin”, these are bible story songs unlike any you’ve ever heard!  Kids, parents, grandparents, teachers and kids workers – everyone’s joining in on Colin’s unforgettable singalong stories from God’s Word!

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Big Bible Story Songs
  3. Farmer Phil
  4. On The Mountain Of Transfiguration
  5. Zacchaeus
  6. Nicodemus
  7. Tax Collector & The Pharisee
  8. The Apostle Were Jesus Witnesses
  9. Jesus Didn’t Sin
  10. Man Of The Tombs
  11. Damascus Road
  12. Mary and Martha
  13. Double-Edged Sword
  14. Jesus Rose To Pray

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