Come Hear The Angels Sing – EMU Music (CD)


Come Hear The Angels Sing is an invitation to experience and sing of the wonder of life in Jesus Christ. Gathering the latest new material from Nicky Chiswell, Michael Morrow, Philip Percival, Mark Peterson, Simone Richardson, Rob Smith and others, this album offers some delightfully fresh new songs of the Word – in a range of styles suited to every church.

Track Listing:

  1. Taste And See
  2. The Day Will Come
  3. Come Hear The Angels Sing
  4. You Are Our God
  5. Ears To Hear
  6. You Will Be Saved
  7. We Belong To The Day
  8. Exalted Evermore
  9. At Your Feet
  10. One God, One People
  11. Your Name Is Jesus

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