Get Ready – EMU Music (CD)


Made especially for primary-aged kids, this album has heaps of rocking new songs based on the key truths of the Bible. Join Dr. Rocktrin as he teaches kids about God’s character, God’s love for us through Jesus and what it means to have Jesus in our lives. Get Ready! The CD contains accompanying Sunday School material and sheet music (also received via email when purchasing a digital download of the album), making it the perfect resource for scripture teachers and kids church leaders.

Track List:

  1. Sing Jesus’ Name
  2. God Speaks
  3. God Made Them All!
  4. Once We Were Dead In Sin
  5. Every Day’s A Good Day
  6. There Will Come A Day
  7. Fully God, Fully Man
  8. Wireless Connection To God
  9. Jesus Did That!
  10. Long Live The King!
  11. The Spirit Song
  12. Forever And A Day
  13. Get Ready!

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