God Unlimited – EMU Music (CD)


The doctor is back – Dr Rocktrin that is – with a whole load of new songs that teach kids the basic truths about God and his promises to us. Especially for primary aged kids, this CD follows on from ‘Get Ready!’ with more insane singing that makes theology fun (as if it wasn’t already)!

Track List:

  1. Dr. Rocktrin
  2. I Wanna Know More About God
  3. God Unlimited
  4. All For Jesus
  5. Nothing Else Matters
  6. Mighty Saviour
  7. Knock, Knock
  8. Three In One
  9. Don’t Let It Grow
  10. Forget The Rest
  11. It’s Not What I Do
  12. You Chose Me
  13. Through This Night
  14. So Great Is Jesus’ Love

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