Jesus Is Alive – Keswick Kids’ Praise (CD)


This Keswick Kids’ Praise CD is designed to be a resource for families and churches everywhere to sing along to. Each of the 20 songs have been chosen for their biblical content and singable tunes that old and young can sing together to praise our great God. To help you use these songs in a way that supports bible teaching, the CD highlights some of the key biblical themes present in each song. While the songs work best with kids between 8-11 years old, some will be suitable for younger children and others could be used in all age settings too.

Track List:

  1. God Speaks
  2. Jesus, Jesus Is Alive
  3. Look Up To The Skies
  4. You’re Wonderful
  5. God Is A Holy God
  6. God Made Everything
  7. Fully God, Fully Man
  8. Grace Is
  9. You Didn’t Wait
  10. God’s Love Is Big
  11. Lord, You Forgive
  12. Mighty, Mighty Saviour
  13. Tell Them
  14. So Great Is Jesus Love
  15. The Church Is Not A Building
  16. I’m Following The King
  17. I Reach Up High
  18. The Spirit Song
  19. This Is The Gospel
  20. Everybody Praise

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