No Love Is Higher – EMU Youth (CD)

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No Love Is Higher is Emu Youth’s second release. It features ten songs exploring themes of love, life and identity as revealed by God in his living and active word.

More than ever, the theology of young believers is being formed and informed by what they are hearing in mainstream Christian music. Emu Youth was developed to speak into that context; to draw young people into the Word through gospel-centred, Bible-based lyrics and to provide them with simple and easily playable songs for their youth groups.

The album seeks to be accessible, contemporary, and engaging for younger congregations with styles and arrangements that are easy to introduce and replicate in smaller and less resourced gatherings.

The album is released with an accompanying twelve day devotional, exploring the passages that inspired the songs. The studies are suitable for personal devotion or group work, and in combination with the CD is a great gift for young people.

Track list:

  1. All his people
  2. Peace unto us
  3. No love is higher
  4. Where can I look?
  5. Behold
  6. Jonah’s prayer
  7. Image
  8. Father
  9. Don’t fear
  10. We will go (send us)

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About EMU Music

Emu is a collaborative ministry focused on contemporary, Biblical, Christ-centred music in church. Founded in Sydney, Australia, and now operating throughout the world, our aim is to equip churches with fresh new songs of the Word and to train leaders and musicians in what it means to practically run a Biblical music ministry. We are behind the Word In Song conferences in Australia, the UK and Asia. Our aim is to provide excellent resources – recordings, sheet music and more – to equip your church to sing the truth with passion.

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