Nothing in my hand I bring – Ray Galea (Paperback)


When Ray Galea submitted his life to Christ, he had a problem on his hands: Which church should he go to?

“I did not want to assume that just because I was born a Catholic, this was by definition the right choice. I knew I could just as easily have been born a Baptist or a Mormon. So I spent the next six months reading and talking to priests and ministers to find out the differences between Catholics and Protestants. How did each of their teachings compare with the teaching of Jesus and the apostles?”

This book is a re-tracing of Ray’s investigation, looking at the key issues that continue to divide Protestants and Catholics, and assessing them in light of the teaching of Scripture. A challenging and invaluable book for Protestants and Catholics alike.

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About the Author

Ray Galea is the senior minister at St Alban’s Multicultural Bible Ministry in Rooty Hill, Sydney, and the author of the best-selling book Nothing in My Hand I Bring. Ray loves his wife, Sandy, his three children, eating Middle Eastern food, listening to Bob Dylan, and watching films set in New York. And he especially loves being reminded that God is enough.

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