Songs For Little Rooms – EMU Music (CD)


Songs For Little Rooms presents an intimate live recording of new (Michael Morrow, Rob Smith, Mark Peterson, Greg Cooper) and classic Emu songs. Our aim is to demonstrate how a small music group can provide a big lead in church and how to use your instruments and singers effectively and creatively. Most songs are led by just singer, piano, guitar and percussion, creating a rich sound, and warmly lifted with the singing of a real congregation!

Furthermore, the bonus DVD lets you see what is happening in the band – and is particularly useful in demonstrating the use of basic percussion, and how to blend simple piano and rhythm guitar together.

Track List:
  1. New Song In My Heart
  2. Perfect But Painful
  3. This Life I Live
  4. Hallelujah
  5. Nothing But The Blood
  6. Father’s World
  7. Where Are The Words?
  8. Take My Life
  9. Never Alone
  10. You Never Change

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