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There’s an equation that runs right through Scripture – from the song of Moses in Exodus 15 to the song of the heavenly multitude in Revelation 19 – that goes like this: when God saves his people, his people are filled with joy, and when his people are filled with joy, they sing songs of praise to God. The Bible records many of these songs, and we do well to sing them. But over the last 2,000 years, Christians have written many more that faithfully convey biblical truth and powerfully proclaim God’s praise.

This album contains 11 ‘songs of the saved’ – songs of adoration, celebration, dedication, exhortation and petition. They have all been intentionally crafted for congregational use – to give those who have experienced the joy of redemption through faith in Jesus Christ some new songs to sing together in praise of our great God and saviour. For it is not God’s purpose that we remain silent, but that we learn to publicly declare his praise.

Track list:

  1. Chorus of the saved
  2. You lifted me up
  3. Rock of our salvation
  4. All I am
  5. More of you, less of me
  6. Christ is victor
  7. The cross of Christ
  8. I will glory in the cross
  9. The humble one
  10. Risen
  11. Come now and pray

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Emu is a collaborative ministry focused on contemporary, Biblical, Christ-centred music in church. Founded in Sydney, Australia, and now operating throughout the world, our aim is to equip churches with fresh new songs of the Word and to train leaders and musicians in what it means to practically run a Biblical music ministry. We are behind the Word In Song conferences in Australia, the UK and Asia. Our aim is to provide excellent resources – recordings, sheet music and more – to equip your church to sing the truth with passion.

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