Sooner Count The Stars: Worshipping the Triune God – Sovereign Grace Music (CD)


What kinds of songs should we use to praise a God who has revealed himself to us in Scripture as one God in three persons? At the very least, they should inspire gratefulness and amazement that God the Father has joined us to himself through the substitutionary sacrifice of his Son and sent his Spirit to open our eyes to his love. We pray that’s the effect of listening to and singing the songs on Sooner Count the Stars.

I could sooner count the stars than number all Your ways

Though I only know in part, that part exceeds all praise

Track Listing:

  1. Sooner Count The Stars
  2. Your Name Is Matchless
  3. You Stand Alone
  4. This Is Our God
  5. Spirit Of God
  6. Undone
  7. Cling To Christ
  8. Blessed Assurance
  9. Great One In Three
  10. Lamb Of God
  11. We Are Not Ashamed
  12. Hallowed Be Your Name

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