The Bible Speaks Today: The Message of Ephesians – John Stott (Paperback)


The Bible Speaks Today is a fine resource which works at listening to the message in the original situation of the biblical books, and at hearing God’s word for today through the Scriptures.’ – Christina Baxter

‘I have found The Bible Speaks Today volumes inspirational and scholarly, and of enormous practical use.’ – Stephen Gaukroger

A new and better society has been the constant dream of men and women. Responding to this dream, John Stott has been attracted back again and again by Paul’s letter to the young church at Ephesus. It portrays a new society of Christ’s making that stands out in bright relief against our colourless world of oppression, heartache, separation and division. Paul’s letter, with its exultant vision of a renewed human community, has, says John Stott, ‘stirred me deeply’.

John Stott expounds Paul’s theme of uniting all things in Christ by uniting his church and breaking down all that separates us from God, one ethnic group from another, husband from wife, parent from child, master from slave. Paul’s insights are for all who want to build the church into the new society God has planned it to be.


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Known worldwide as a Bible teacher, writer, pastor and mission leader, John Stott was the author of many books, including the best-selling Basic Christianity. He was, until his death in 2011, Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, and President of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

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