The Big Picture Story Bible – David R. Helm (Hardcover)


Everyone loves a good story–especially children! But what we sometimes overlook is that the Bible is more than a collection of great stories. It is the real account of God’s love for the world!

The Big Picture Story Bible presents this remarkable true story. Simple words and striking illustration unfold the storyline of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. All ages will enjoy this exciting discovery of a God who keeps his big promise.

This book takes you through the stories of the Bible with colorful illustrations so you will see the big picture of God’s love for you. Suitable for children ages 2- 7.

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About the Author

David R. Helm serves as a lead pastor at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago. He is also chairman of the Charles Simeon Trust, which promotes practical instruction in preaching. He is the author of a number of books, including The Big Picture Bible Verses and The Big Picture Family Devotional.

Gail Schoonmaker is an experienced artist living in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. In addition to The Big Picture Story Bible, she also illustrated Do You Want a Friend? by Noël Piper.

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