The Goldsworthy Trilogy – Graeme Goldsworthy (Paperback)


Hugely popular, this collection containing three classic books, Gospel & Kingdom, Gospel & Wisdom and The Gospel in Revelation, will be an essential guide for those who seek to understand the whole Bible, in all its unity and diversity, in the light of the gospel of Jesus. As Goldsworthy says: “Evangelical biblical theology is gospel-centred and therefore Christological.”

In these three books the case for a gospel-focused, Christ-centred approach to biblical interpretation is set forth. This method is then applied to both Old Testament Wisdom literature and the New Testament book of Revelation. Goldsworthy argues that both Old and New Testament literature only yield up their true riches when read from the perspective of the gospel.

Graeme Goldsworthy’s approach to Biblical Theology has been enormously helpful to me in understanding how the Bible fits together and how its message is to be taught and applied by Christians today. I am grateful that these Goldsworthy classics are now being made available for the benefit of a new generation of readers.” – David Peterson, Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London

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Graeme Goldsworthy served as minister for Christian Education, at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Coorparoo, Brisbane, and was lecturer in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia. Now retired, he continues at Moore College as a visiting lecturer.

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