The Jesus Hokey Pokey – Colin Buchanan (CD)


C’mon everyone!  It’s time to all join Colin Buchanan for The Jesus Hokey Pokey!  With inspired freshness and energy, Australia’s No 1 kids Christian artist is back as you’ve never heard him before with an all-new bundle of amazing, bible-packed songs. It’s a lively call to follow Jesus – the Boss of the Cross – with our whole hearts.  Catchy new favourites include the worksite-inspired disco-tastic Building On The Lord, the groovy Ak-shonn, the rollocking God Is Good, the dubstepping Horsey Dance, brand new memory verses to learn together – plus there’s Colin’s new classic, The Jesus Hokey Pokey.  (Includes a brand new bonus Christmas song for all year round, Top of the List!)

Track Listing:

  1. Boss Of The Cross (An Easter Song)
  2. Ak-shonn (aka The Gospel Groove aka Middle Of The Action)
  3. Go Go Go In The Gospel Power
  4. The Jesus Hokey Pokey
  5. Dig Dig! Hamer Saw! (Building on the Lord)
  6. Invisible Believer
  7. Isaiah 9v6 – “For To Us a Child is Born”
  8. Open Your Ears to God’s Word (Horsey Dance)
  9. He Lives! (An Easter Song)
  10. God Is Good All The Time
  11. Truth Is Still True
  12. Get Back To Jesus
  13. He’s The Greatest Name
  14. The Wholeeee Holy Bible
  15. Faith Knowledge Godliness (Tituse 1:1-3)
  16. Top of the List at Christmas (A Christmas Song for Anytime)
  17. 2 Peter 1 v3-7 (Add to faith, goodness)
  18. Live In The Gospel

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