The King, The Snake & The Promise – EMU Music (CD)


The King, The Snake & The Promise is a fun CD for kids which presents the whole message of the Bible, God’s plan of salvation in Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, in music.

Track List:

  1. Clap Your Hands
  2. Creation Song
  3. God Rules!
  4. What A Man, Abraham
  5. Moses Said
  6. God Is A Holy God
  7. Come On and Follow
  8. Bop! Bam! Boom!
  9. David Was A Mighty King
  10. Turn Back
  11. In A Foreign Land
  12. The Day
  13. Glory To God
  14. Who Is This Man?
  15. Jesus (Sing it)
  16. Jesus Is The Lord!
  17. My Friend

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