Undivided – EMU Music (CD)


Ten songs for churches from Emu. Produced by Nathan Tasker and featuring songs from Nicky Chiswell, Trevor Hodge, Michael Morrow, Philip Percival, Simone Richardson and Rob Smith, this album continues Emu’s commitment to putting the Word into song, and reflects the drive and passion of churches who love contemporary corporate worship.

Track list:

  1. The Heavens Sing
  2. Lift Up Your Heads
  3. Micah Song
  4. You Never Change
  5. This Life I Live
  6. In His Name
  7. Lord Of The Universe
  8. No Other Name
  9. Undivided
  10. As Surely As The Dawn

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About EMU Music

Emu is a collaborative ministry focused on contemporary, Biblical, Christ-centred music in church. Founded in Sydney, Australia, and now operating throughout the world, our aim is to equip churches with fresh new songs of the Word and to train leaders and musicians in what it means to practically run a Biblical music ministry. We are behind the Word In Song conferences in Australia, the UK and Asia. Our aim is to provide excellent resources – recordings, sheet music and more – to equip your church to sing the truth with passion.

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