BT121 Promise to Fulfilment

This module is designed to help students interpret the Bible and so is particularly useful for those who are involved in any teaching ministry.

1. Biblical Theology
2. Jesus and the Old Testament
3. Abraham and the Children of Promise 1
4. Abraham and the Children of Promise 2
5. Exodus and God’s Redemption 1
6. Exodus and God’s Redemption 2
7. The King of God’s Kingdom
8. The Covenant of Grace
9. The Gospel for the Nations
10. The Eternal Inheritance

Zoom Online Class
Term 4

Every Thursday 8-10pm
Start date 3 Dec 2020
Tutor: Todd Bordow

Term 4

First day of term: 1 Dec 2020
End of Term: 28 Feb 2021
Assignment deadline: 28 Feb 2021