Scripture for Life and Ministry

Scripture for Life & Ministry (SLM) is offered in place of Biblical Interpretation (BIN). If you have completed BIN previously, you may use either BIN or SLM toward the completion of the CCEF Foundations of Biblical Counseling Certificate. 

SLM seeks to preserve the best elements of BIN (hands-on interpretation of Scripture applied to life) but makes that process even more explicit and practical for students in their contexts of ministry. SLM is a substantially different course (perhaps 70% or more new lecture material) although there is some overlap in the assignments with BIN (e.g. Acts 8 passage work, Psalm 77 final paper). There are several new assignments with SLM as well. Students who have taken BIN would still benefit from taking SLM as an elective.

Scripture is authoritative and sufficient for counseling (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3-4), but how do you connect God’s Word effectively to the lives and struggles of people around you? Do you frequently turn to the same familiar passages, but are less confident in using other biblical passages to communicate the power of God’s love and faithfulness in the Gospel? How do you use the Bible’s redemptive story in counseling so that counselees grow in their knowledge of and love for the sovereign Lord? This course will help you understand both people and the Bible more thoroughly and is designed to strengthen your ability to rivet Scriptural truth to real-life ministry situations. Through lectures, class discussion, and interpretive assignments, you’ll develop your skills in interpreting and applying any passage of Scripture to help people to grow in love for God and others more fully in the midst of their complex, daily lives

In this course, you will:

  • Grow in excitement and passion for the personal application of God’s Word in your own life and in the lives of others.
  • Learn and practice a method of biblical interpretation that makes connections between the details of particular passages and the wider story of Scripture that centers on Jesus Christ.
  • Practice moving from Scripture to life by making gospel-centered connections between specific passages and the particulars of a person’s life.
  • Practice moving from life to Scripture by learning to frame people’s struggles in ways that naturally connect with particular biblical themes and passages.

2022 Term 2

Term Starts: 6th April 2022 (10 weeks)
Term Ends: 15th June 2022
Registration Deadline: 15th February 2022
Anticipated Course Access: 30th March 2022