Support Us

We are thankful to God that you would like to support the ministry.

Here are some ways you can to that.

Prayer Support

For your personal prayers, may we suggest that you download the Prayer Mate App?

Within the app you subscribe for prayer points from us (and many other organisations!) as well as organising the things you would like to pray about personally.

If you would like us to send prayer points to your church for your church to pray for us – please fill out this form and we will get in touch.

Financial Support

In order to keep the cost of our training and courses affordable, we need rely on God’s provision though his people who share our vision. In 2021, the difference between our total budgeted expenses and our budgeted income from operations is RM416,000. This therefore represents the total amount that we hope and pray to receive from various Gospel partners who are keen to support us. (Please note, however that Equip is not a registered charitable organisation with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) so any contributions you make for the ministry do not qualify you for a tax deduction.) If you would like to support the ministry, you or your church could either give to:


  • The General Fund which includes funding for our ministry staff as well as rental and other expenses.
  • A Specific Funds which support the specific ministry of one of our staff. 2 of our staff are paid from their specific supporters funds. They are Oliver Wong and Nick Gonyea.