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There is a great need for biblical and theological literacy in Malaysia and we are thankful to God for the opportunity to provide that with the support of Christians. By God’s grace we have grown over the years in our number of students, gospel training events and resources.

Our vision is to identify and train the next generation of leaders who can multiply ministry in churches, plant new gospel-centred ministries and reform old ones, spearhead the discipleship of the indigenous peoples of East Malaysia, and reach the nation with the gospel.

As we seek to improve and expand, we are seeking to raise  RM416,000 in 2021.

We do not solicit donations from the general public. However, we welcome churches, leaders, students and individual Christians who share our goals of seeing Gospel centred ministry flourishing in Malaysia to contribute financially towards this ministry as an expression of Gospel partnership.

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If you and your church have benefited and been encouraged by the gospel work we do at Equip,  please consider committing to a monthly donation or talking to others who are able to financially partner with us. Every contribution counts.

Giving to the General Fund helps us fund the project with the immediate need. In 2021, we are prayerfully seeking RM416,000.

Give and partner with our staff (2021)

Oliver Wong is employed by Equip as a Regional Trainer for the Klang Valley Region. Oliver’s responsibilities involve overseeing training (including courses, seminars and conferences) in the Klang Valley.

Please do prayerfully consider whether you can support Oliver in his ministry.

Lim Yi Wen is employed by Equip as an Administrative Assistant. Yi Wen’s responsibilities involve managing the training (including courses, seminars and conferences).
Please do prayerfully consider whether you can support Yi Wen in her ministry.

Nick Gonyea is employed by Equip as a Trainer. Nick’s responsibilities involve teaching Diploma and Certificate courses, and conducting youth leader and other ministry skills training.

Please do prayerfully consider whether you can support Nick in his ministry.