Kevin Tang Xuan Hong

      Student of 2020 Term 2 Bible Overview

      Joining a 10-week online Bible Overview course was both enriching and enjoyable for me as I can meet people across Malaysia and most importantly, I got to study God’s words. Thanks to the well-structured module and scripture-based explanation by Pastor Tim, I managed to look at the Bible as one whole book with a main theme which connects the 66 books together. The Bible certainly does not teach us to be morally good and make us the champion of the stories, but it is about the gospel — Christ died as our Saviour and raised as our king.

      Seeing Christ in all of scripture allows me to know more about God, especially His characters and attributes. Therefore, I was convicted to grow more in His likeness.

      If you are willing to spare two hours per week for ten weeks to take up this course, I’m pretty sure that you will experience the transformative power of the gospel through God’s words in your life. And certainly, you will have good teacher who is willing to answer your hard questions in this course. God bless.

      Sue Chan

      Student of 2020 Term 2 Old Testament 1

      This is the first time I’ve attended a course over Zoom, and despite the lack of physical face-to-face, I found the learning experience to be fun and engaging.

      My instructor, Tim Nicholls, made the best of the online classroom tools to help us follow his train of thought while interacting with other classmates.

      Born and bred in a Christian family, I did not expect to learn anything particularly new. However, I gained a richer understanding on the sacrificial system in the Pentateuch, and now view the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, with a deeper gratitude.

      Malachi Dennis Ningkan

      Student of 2020 Term 2 Bible Overview & Term 3 Gospel According to John

      The course had been very helpful for me. It gave me an overview insights of the Words of God and what happened from the time when Adam & Eve were in the Garden of Eden.

      The course helped me to learn that God fulfilled His promises & it also taught me to be obedient to God. It led me to know that Christ, who was present even before creation, came down from heaven in human flesh, died on the Cross to save us from our sins, & that if we believe Jesus as the son of God, our Saviour, we will have eternal life.

      I really enjoyed my study. After every class, on the next day, I would share the points I learned with other family members. I would, and have been recommending it to my family and friends. This is a really good course (an eye opener for me). You will read the scriptures better after attending this course.

      Thank you Pastor & Equip Gospel Ministries.



          Wong Chong Shiau

          I am very thankful for the opportunity to further my theological training through Equip Gospel Ministries. I have just completed the online Combined Diploma in Theology and Ministry with Youthworks College in Australia. I undertook the study program over a period of three years. It has been a tremendous journey of learning and enrichment for me, both personally and for my ministry. 

          The course has imparted to me fresh understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The notes, audio talks and secondary readings help the students to engage with the subject more intensively. The notes are clear and easy to understand. Listening to the audio talks enriches the learning of the material in the notes by highlighting certain key points or thoughts. The secondary readings provided are excellent material and invaluable for learning. The forums provide a platform to use what you have learned to engage in discussions with other students. Through the forums, you get to interact with other students and also learn from them. In that process, your understanding of the subject matter is reinforced. And along the way, we learn how to do proper exegesis and acquire skills in writing exegetical and thematic essays. One of the important skills that I learned is how to put forth your argument and how to substantiate your assertions with secondary resources. The feedback from the instructors on my essays sometimes challenges my arguments and causes me to think more sharply. 

          The subjects that I have particularly enjoyed learning were those covering the Wisdom literature, Reformation church history and on the book of Revelation. The study of the Wisdom literature has given me a good handle in interpreting them. The reformation church history gave me a deeper appreciation about our tradition and practices. The course on the book of Revelation has given me a useful framework in thinking about its pastoral message. The unit on Introductory Preaching taught me a more effective way in preparing and delivering sermons. This unit is very practical and you are required to record a video of your preaching and submit it for assessment by the instructor. The unit on Evangelism really opened my eyes and changed the way I think about and approach to evangelism. 

          After going through the course, I can see that it has made a difference in my ministry to the church. It has equipped me to handle the word of God more accurately and faithfully. Based on the feedback I have received from the congregation, my sermons have improved in terms of content, depth and clarity. Besides the sermons, I have used what I have learned to give Bible studies and Bible talks in my church and conduct training seminars for pastors and leaders in Cambodia. Those materials are a good resource which I refer to in certain occasions when I need to prepare Bible studies. It is not just the good materials but also the understanding that I gained that has enabled me to apply them in ministry. 

          Overall, the diploma course has given me a sound theological education and training for ministry in preaching and evangelism. It has been a rewarding journey for me. I thank God for giving me the opportunity take up this study program through Equip Gospel Ministries. I would encourage those who feel that they need to have a proper theological foundation and to be more equipped for ministry to consider this study program.