CCEF - Theology & Secular Psychology

The modern psychologies provide the lenses through which most people view life’s problems. They shape how people interpret troubling behaviors, emotions, and relationships—so that sin is never part of what goes wrong with us. They shape the solutions offered—so that Christ plays no necessary part in addressing what is going on. Through practical assignments, group discussion, lectures and assigned readings, you’ll develop skills to lovingly and wisely engage the ways others seek to understand and solve personal problems. You’ll develop your ability to reinterpret what they see most clearly and care about most deeply. This class will help you to understand where biblical counseling fits both within the church and in relation to the surrounding mental health system.

2022 Term 2

Term Starts: 6th April 2022 (10 weeks)
Term Ends: 15th June 2022
Registration Deadline: 15th February 2022
Anticipated Course Access: 30th March 2022