Sunday School Training

Equip provides extensive training for Sunday School teachers. Each module takes 2 hours, but a church may decide to run more than one module on a given day. The foundational module is called Gospel-Centred Sunday School. This module must be taken first. We have the privilege of partnering with various local churches in training their teachers and if your church would like to host a module, you can find out more here

Available Modules

Gospel Centered Sunday School

How does God’s word shape the priorities we have in children’s ministry? And what are the practical implications of these priorities? Gospel-Centred Sunday School is a foundational training module for Sunday School teachers that helps teachers consider the importance of teaching the gospel to children, rather than simply Bible stories or moral values. Teachers begin to learn how all of the Bible points to Jesus and are equipped with the basics of how to prepare a gospel-centred lesson. Teachers are equipped with a clear ministry philosophy for Sunday School that helps teachers think about what they do and why.

The Why & How of Kid's Talks

Children are an important part of the church and it is essential that we express this in our communal gatherings. This module explores how we can integrate kid’s spots into our services, and how we can give effective kids talks that engage both adults and children alike. 

Using Storytelling and Drama To Teach

This session will give lots of creative ideas on how to use Storytelling and Drama to teach children the Bible, and introduce them to the BIG story of the gospel.

Working with Different Age Groups

All children go through different stages of development – physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is crucial that we understand these stages if we’re going to teach in an effective, engaging and age-appropriate way. This module will consider how we can effectively teach the Bible to children of different ages and stages.

Classroom Management and Discipline

This session will focus on the management aspect of a Sunday school class taking the perspective of a gospel-centered approach in handling difficult kids and preparing a conducive environment and lesson plan that encourages the gospel and the Bible to saturate the lives of our children.

Preparing Children to be Evangelists

This session will focus on preparing the children we teach to know the gospel well and articulate it with the aim of sharing the good news of Jesus as Christ to their school friends and family even at a young age.

Teaching Children to Pray

This session will focus on preparing the hearts of children to talk to God through prayer and how to encourage that.

Grace & Parenting

As parents we desire to nurture and grow our kids in the best way – how should God’s grace shape our view of parenting and what we should desire for our kids?

How to teach the Bible to children

This session gives an overview of the main building blocks in building an effective ministry to children, including how to write a lesson plan, what to include in a lesson, how to be creative, and more.

Engaging Boys: Overcoming the Boredom Syndrome

Many teachers struggle to engage with the boys in their class. They find the boys bored and disruptive. What can we do? This seminar explores what boys like, how they learn best and the implications for us as we seek to engage them with God’s truth. Not only is this session filled with practical tips for how to engage them, but advice on how how to build relationships and disciple effectively.

Answering Questions Children Ask
Expectations of Leaders
Giving a Kid's Talk
Teaching Memory Verses
Singing in Kids' Church
Teaching the Bible to Children
Using the Gospel Project
The Place of Children in the Church
Writing a Lesson Plan
Apologetics for Children
Teaching Children Creatively

And other topics by request.