CH121 Early Church History

Early Church History takes a look at the life of the church (its struggles, persecution, and consolidation) through the first five centuries AD.

1. Introduction to Early Church History
2. Apostles and ā€˜Apostolic Fathersā€™
3. Challengers and Champions: Heresies in the first centuries
4. Christian Life: 2nd and 3rd centuries
5. The Hour of Trial: Persecutions of the Early Church
6. A New Era: Accepted and Respected
7. Trinitarian Controversies
8. Men and Women of East and West
9. The Road to Chalcedon: Christological Controversies
10. Popes, MonksĀ andĀ Missionaries

Term 3

Mondays, 8pm – 10pm
Start Date: 18 September 2023
Tutor: Oliver Wong